About Us

Digital technology, especially Google has caused major changes in daily life.

Daily behaviors of a society that is on the Internet 24/7 and live online, are affected.

Everything started with a bit.

The digital technology revolution, which is developing at the speed of light thanks to the 1s and 0s, has begun since 1955. 8 bit came side by side. Then, a byte was formed. Each information evolved from bytes to pixels. Pixels became the atoms of pictures, videos, writings, websites, electronic mails, portals, social networks and job-search networks.

And the chaos … Even greater.

Digital technology disrupts economic and sociological life and restructures every second; in fact, it will get even faster after the epidemic. The chaos it created; (uncontrolled flow of life) takes control of your content. Because it is portable, it knows no boundaries.

It became more difficult to protect the “reputation”.

The “Reputation Stock” is the priceless and most important property of its owner. The basics of this might be the personal life, business image, or the reputation of a piece. Permanent digital peace and protection are essential needs for all of these.

The reason for our existence (Our Mission)

To help you maintain your digital rights, career, and social life in every geography peacefully.

Constant Innovative R-D (Our Vision)

Altahonos Technology, which combines artificial intelligence developments with R-D produces solutions for you to deal with this chaos. Our strong R-D approach develops the technology that will answer this unique digital peace request of our target group.

Happy Netizens / Internet Citizens (Our differentiation goal)

We aim to make sure that our customers get the highest level of service from ALTAHONOS for their reputation.

Altahonos is there for detail-focused, advanced, influencing individuals.

Our eyes represent our technological innovation that detects our customers’ digital fingerprints, analyzes audio-content-image, and solves their needs. The reason for our existence is to help you maintain your digital rights, career, and social life in every geography peacefully.